The Farmers Market of Cahors

The Farmers Market of Cahors

Cahors has a host of surprises for its visitors. It is a real heaven for tourists looking for authenticity. Apart from the different sites and monuments that are symbolic of this medieval town, Cahors is also the birthplace of a unique farmers market which has been recorded among France Exception Markets according to a classification made by the Conseil National des Arts Culinaires (National Council of Culinary Arts) in 1996. The city owes this ranking to the quality and the diversity of its local products, as well as the atmosphere of conviviality between producers and consumers, not to mention the place’s unique charm.

marche-producteur-2The Farmers Market : an outdoor market in an amazing place

The Farmers Market is held every year, twice a week, in the heart of Cahors. It invests every Wednesday and Saturday the Place Chapou, just outside the famous Saint-Étienne Cathedral. During these days, the place turns into a meeting space where the residents of Cahors and the tourists mingle with traders and local producers in an atmosphere of celebration, and where consumers enjoy the outdoors, a profusion of local products and crafts, as well as the famous surrounding sights. It is a place where one comes not only for shopping, but also to create lasting memories of the city while taking in the ambiance of Cahors.

A harmonious blend of smells, colors, flavors and… accent

People come here for the pleasure of the senses. They start by marveling at many colorful stalls shaded by umbrellas that offer vivid colors which compete in beauty with those of the products presented. One cannot avoid the attraction of the wonderful smells and scents of many fruits and vegetables, different every season, as well as of other products such as local cheeses and cured meats. Tastings are also available on site. Nothing but authentic and quality products which are grown, harvested, produced or prepared by traditional producers who offer visitors the fruits of their skills, in addition to a pleasant linguistic disorientation through the charm of their accent.

A market with many advantages

Many things make that the Farmers Market of Cahors is unique. First, it is installed in one of the city’s most important places. This market favors direct contact between producers and consumers, which logically leads to much more affordable prices than those applied on ordinary markets. Moreover, the market is composed solely of local producers and artisans who provide organic, handmade or homemade products. The products offered are of astonishing diversity, from the most common, such as fruits and vegetables, to the finest, such as the famous wines of Cahors.marche-producteur




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